Flea & Amy-Jo Albany - What's In My Bag? (2023)


Flea and Amy-Jo Albany go shopping at Amoeba Music in Hollywood.

Check out their picks:
Glenn Gould - Glenn Gould: The Complete Bach Collection (CD)
Georges Delerue - Jules Et Jim/Tirez Sur Le Pianiste (LP) bit.ly/2hRIyeR
Wayne Shorter - Speak No Evil (LP) bit.ly/2hA90O3
David Bowie - Sorrow (7")
J Dilla - Ruff Draft (LP) bit.ly/2hAoEJd
J Dilla - Wild (12") bit.ly/2ivj33z
John Huston - Fat City (DVD) bit.ly/2iJZILv
Ishiro Honda - Rodan & War Of The Gargantuans (DVD) bit.ly/2iKdpxW
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (LP) bit.ly/2iiFB8b
Duke Ellington - Creole Love Call (78)

Buy the Low Down soundtrack: bit.ly/1nJ4iwl
Buy Red Hot Chili Peppers albums: bit.ly/20ClkK9

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Ok I'm, Flea, and I'm happy to be here doing What's In My Bag today at Amoeba and I'm here with my friend who's gonna introduce herself so I'm not gonna personally say her name, but she wrote, and I acted in and helped produce the movie 'low Down', which is a beautiful and melancholy, film I'm Amy-Jo Albany, and we're super-excited about the soundtrack It's so beautiful, yeah, Light In The Attic put it out and.

It's just amazing And I can't believe I'm here, 'cause y'know I lived right up Gower and Hollywood and to be here now, doing this is kind of...is so surreal I've scrambled around in this neighborhood for many years, not being let into any special.

Back rooms with green tea.

Remember when that was a Jolly Roger's? Yeah.

I, was the hostess there.


Was one of my first jobs.

Really?? Yeah.

This? Is much better.

I? Started? Off...Amy? Alerted me to this.

It's a CD box set of Glenn Gould playing Bach Here.

He works on the piano.

He favors above all.

Others for practicing.


70 year old Chickering with a resonant, harpsichord-like quality.

Recalling the instruments at the time of Bach I'm 52 years, old.

And, when I was 46 years, old, I told my band I'm not doing anything for 2 years, We had just been making a record, going on a world tour, making a record..

I'd, basically been on tour for thirty years.

When I started taking time off, at one point, I decided I would go to school and study music and, in turn, I fell in love with Bach and Glenn.

Gould is my favorite player of Bach.

That I know Yeah.

It's a touch of madness.

That makes it all the more beautiful somehow.


Especially, y'know, when he played them once and then played them again.

20 years later, and it's totally different He messes with the notes too, he improvises around.

Anyway, I got this, very pleased.


Give me many, many hours of great pleasure.

I've been looking for this.

For a long time.

Actually I have a messed up: CD.

George, Delerue? Have.

You heard of this guy? I've heard of him, but I, don't know who he is., He's incredible.

He's a composer of film music, 'tirez, Sur, Le, Pianiste.' Shoot.

The Piano Player.

A film by Truffaut.

He's an amazing composer., Beautiful.


He do all the Truffaut movies? He did a lot of the sort of 'french noir,' y'know..


This is like a trifecta of greatness, because it's from an amazing book by Goodis.

Amazing, movie, amazing soundtrack.

So it's like a triple crown.

This is a Wayne Shorter, album called 'speak No Evil.' It's, a very popular album in the jazz canon.

Unbelievably incredible late-era bebop record I saw some jazz records that actually had a lot more profound meaning in my life, but I got this particular one because, of all the ones I saw that I just love.

This is a guy that you can still go and see play today, and it is the most insanely good band, Brian, Blade and Wayne Shorter.

The way they play together is so otherworldly.

They communicate on such a high level, but it's for everybody.

It's not like academic.

It's a deeply spiritual, moving thing.

I collect 45s and I used to have this, but I.

Don't know what happened to it.

It's a 45 of David, Bowie's 'sorrow.' Bowie, to me, is someone.

That...He is as great an interpreter of other people's songs as he is...y'know, makes..

amazing..., his own music.

So I'm, very excited., 'sorrow.' It's, just incredible., Cool., I, didn't even know that.

It's from 'pin-Ups,', which is all covers.


He does a little sax solo in it, which is..

I love his bad sax playing.

I was gonna say, it's a little Bill Clintonesque, but..


He is such a great jazz guy and it ties in, because when we were making 'low Down,' David Bowie was so kind as to give us a song for the movie.

I told him what it was about.

He said: 'oh Joe, Albany, I'm, in.' I got these J Dilla records., because I just love, J, Dilla.

I, just think he's an absolutely transcendent, phenomenal musician.

I didn't really know about him when he was doing it.


He died really young, J, Dilla.

He had a blood disease or something.

He just made his stuff.

Basically in his bedroom.

He made all this stuff with y'know, samplers and records that he loved.

I listened to this record.

This 'ruff Draft' This 'ruff Draft' record.

And I, was in Big Sur by myself, and I had on headphones.

I was walking around these trails through the mountains just listening to it, and it just touched this thing in me.

So deeply.

I couldn't stop.


It was so powerful..

I really love this a lot.

Some people just have the ability to touch you, y'know? And, he does.

From the sublime to the ridiculous So.

This is from my bag to your bag, because I've told you about this movie.

'fat City', Oh, yeah Memories, for me, echoed right through the film It was about boxing and California, where I was a young man and had, myself, done a little boxing Going back to that scene of my childhood, which wasn't very different from the one.

That's in the film was like a sentimental.


This is a phenomenal movie, really under appreciated I.

Think The cinematography is beautiful, and the story is just real., and so this is a 'from.

My bag to your bag' gift.

There, you go., Thank you.

Well, while we're giving gifts might as well.

Do it on camera, because I'd planned on doing this, but I was gonna, do it afterwards, but I'll just do it.

Now, I got this for you You didn't! Yeah, that's for you.

Aw,! Oh my god.

I'm, so excited.

If! You were to ask me what my favorite movie was when I was 8, I'd, say 'war of the Gargantuas.' I, wonder what I'll think now When I was a kid all of those Japanese monsters..

They're, really great and, y'know.

They had beautiful soundtracks Right.

'war of the Gargantuas.' I.

Don't know,! I was in love with the brown, there's a brown Gargantua, and a green one It's, not just a theory that the brown Gargantua's a harmless creature.

It's a fact.

I, don't know what they were.

The Gargantuas.

That was another thing: too, I, mean..

Gamra's a turtle and Godzilla was some kind of lizard or whatever the hell, but I mean.

What are the Gargantuas? I? Don't know.

They're, so strange.

Well there's this one record I got and I already have it.

I just had to bring it up, because I think that it's the greatest record album ever made.


Has everything you could ever want.

It has violence? It has the most deep, poetic love, It has action, it has spontaneity.

It has incredible arrangement and foresight.

This is one record, just for me in my life, that I've listened to probably more than any other record When I was a kid and I wanted to be a trumpet player and I'd play along with it all the time and do really terrible versions of Miles Davis' solos., This is...'cause I have an old Gramaphone player and 'creole Love Call.' Do.

You know this Duke Ellington?, So, incredible and so incredibly strange I, mean, almost, to me, experimental.


Has these crazy vocals.

without lyrics, just like this guttural singing on it, I can't imagine.

When people put it on, they must've just been like, what the hell Yeah., ...is, that?, Because Duke Ellington, is kind of one of my heroes.

Certainly one of my dad's.

I'm so happy that I found this also.

It's very precious.


That's so cool.

Thank, you so much, guys., Thanks., Thank, you..

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